Monday, March 16, 2009

Quick Book Update

I don't want another year to go by without posting here, so I'm adding a quick updated about what I've been reading lately. I started Master & Commander (the first book in the series) about a month ago. I'm a couple chapters in, but haven't read much further than that. I like the book for the most part, but struggle to get past the early 19th Century sailor's slang--slang that is recreated through a late 20th Century author. We'll see how it goes.

I'm ashamed to admit, but the other night I couldn't sleep and had a craving to read a really crappy, I-don't-have-to-use-one-braincell-to-read-this kind of book, so I pulled out a Barbara Michaels book and read the whole thing in one sitting. She's entertaining, but really, I can shut my brain off when I read her stuff, which is sometimes exactly what I need.

What else? Oh yes. I've been wanting to read Dear Enemy lately, but can't find my copy of the book anywhere. I've searched high and low in my house, but no luck yet. If you've never read the book I highly recommend it. Also, I recommend the book that comes before it: Daddy-Long-Legs. These are two, semi-connected YA books written by Jean Webster; both are enjoyable, but Dear Enemy is my favorite. Now if only I could figure out where I put it last ...

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